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Fresh Strawberries

We are experts in producing the fresh strawberries with our hands-on experience in the harvest, pre-cooling, and packaging. Strawberries are 100% natural, clean, and ripe, White surface not exceeding 10% along the season, Brix value varies from 7 to +/- 9, Pre-cooling stands for 3 hours per Pallet, double sorting for the product at the farm and the station, Whole uncalibrated from 20 to 40mm, Storage temperature from 0 to 2.5°C (may rise to 5°C under certain conditions)   


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Window: Season From first week of December till first week of February
Pack: Plastic Punnets 250 gm & 500 gm, Carton Box 2.5Kg
Types: Festival, Fortuna, and Sensation
Prices: Bi-weekly/Weekly Basis

Our strawberries are unique in terms of quality, taste, and shape; Our team has 7 years of experience in cultivating and exporting fresh strawberries to the European market with the highest quality standards. Our final product is 100% free of pesticide residues.  Our farms are supervised by our Agronomists handling all measures needed in terms of seedlings, soil preparation, water analysis, pesticide control, and harvesting.