Smart Farms provides
solutions to farmers & growers

to control the cultivation process in their lands, aiming to reach an optimum crop production in terms of quantity & quality from one side, and a cost-efficient way to reduce the CAPEX and OPEX from another side.

Our Solutions are based on the latest Wireless Technologies

We are partnering with device manufacturers to deliver a customized solution to our clients based on their use case, then we design the IoT Modules needed to connect such devices and sensors to a centralized IoT Platform, so the agronomist and farmer would be able to read from a user-friendly portal. an efficient way to reduce the CAPEX and OPEX from another side.

Further, we keep an eye on building end-to-end systems that include Food Processors, Importers, and End User Clients, Through our Cloud Analytics platforms more benefits are added to the business in terms of

All gathered data needed to help them take the best decision and reach their business goals in the short and long term

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